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Suspension Syndicate is a service only MTB repair shop that specializes in suspension service repair and tuning. We put a strong emphasis on utilizing local bike shops and try to work together with any shop we can. Recognizing the important role shops play in the biking community as not only being the place where you can get the advice, parts and gear you need to get back on the trail but also as a resource for trail conditions and suggestions.


Shops should be a hub for connecting with other riders, getting real perspectives on products and trails and a place where you can meet like minded people. Social resources such as these are becoming scarce, and we are seeking to do what we can in strengthening the role and impact of good local shops.

  • Direct to Consumer:

    Factory & custom suspension service

    Regular maintenance and repair


    Upgrades & Modifications

    Custom Tuning

    Internal Hardware Updates

    Expedited service available

  • For Shops:

    Local Product Pickup and Drop Off

    Discount on Labor Rates

    Quick and Reliable Service

    Service Warranty

    Expedited Services Available

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  • Vorsprung Suspension

  • DSD Suspension

  • ND Tuned

  • Suspension Syndicate Components

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