Now Hiring!

We are a tight group of people doing what we love and are growing our team. We are looking for like minded individuals that love to ride and

• Must have bike shop experience
• Training provided
• Tools provided
• Immediate start date available
• Competitive Pay
• Full time year around work
• Flexible Schedule
• 4 tens, 3 day weekends!
• Must have a high attention to detail and enjoy meticulous mechanical work
• Must be dog Friendly

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  • Direct to Consumer:

    Factory & custom suspension service

    Regular maintenance and repair


    Upgrades & Modifications

    Custom Tuning

    Internal Hardware Updates

    Expedited service available

  • For Shops:

    Local Product Pickup and Drop Off

    Discount on Labor Rates

    Quick and Reliable Service

    Service Warranty

    Expedited Services Available

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  • Vorsprung Suspension

  • DSD Suspension

  • ND Tuned

  • Suspension Syndicate Components

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